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Vacuum sealers prove to be the best solution for storing food for prolonged periods of time. They are available in various designs and are very handy in kitchens, where food storage is a necessity. You can find a wide selection of vacuum sealers at many of the top-rated stores. You could refer to product reviews and compare the products and their prices.

Vacuum sealing vs. canning


Food preservation is the process of handling and treating food in a way to slow down the spoilage and to prevent illness, while maintaining its quality, texture and colour. This process usually involves the prevention of the growth of fungi, bacteria and several other microorganisms. It also includes the process to retard the oxidation of fats that can cause rancidity. Canning and vacuum sealing are two of the preservation methods that are popular among food manufacturers and homes. 

Canning is done to preserve food, by sealing it in airtight cans, jars and pouches and then heating it at a specific temperature for destroying the contaminating microorganisms. The safest method of canning food due to the danger posed by Pathogens and Clostridium Botulinum is under conditions of high pressure and heat, normally at a temperature of 240-250 degrees farenhite. Food items that need to be pressure canned are most of the vegetables, seafood, poultry, meat and dairy products. Highly acidic food with a pH below 4.6 such as pickled vegetables and fruits can be safely canned in a boiling water bath, without high pressure. 

On the other hand, vacuum sealing is a new and very popular method helpful in extending the preservation of food items, without having any adverse effect on its quality. Several food processing and manufacturing industries have been using this method from many years. When food is vacuum packed the effects of oxidation are eliminated as the air is taken out. Oxidation involves a process where a chemical reaction is triggered by oxygen that might affect the freshness and nutritional value of the eatables. Although this method of preservation cannot reverse the decline or make any improvement in the microbiological quality of food, it can certainly slow down the deterioration by helping in controlling the growth of fungi, mould and bacteria. So if you want to keep certain food items fresh for a longer time, you should consider buying a vacuum sealer. There are several online stores and shops in the UK that deal in good quality vacuum sealers.         

Vacuum packaging or sealing and canning cannot be considered the same. Both the preservation methods involve the sealing of food in a container, but in canning the food that is sealed is heat-sterilised, which kills microorganisms. This is the reason why there is no need to store canned food in the fridge. In the case of vacuum packaging, the food present inside the container is not sterile but the microorganisms in the food are still present. But due to the removal of air from the storage container, the vacuum packaged food will stay fresh for a longer time in the fridge or freezer.





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