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Vacuum sealers prove to be the best solution for storing food for prolonged periods of time. They are available in various designs and are very handy in kitchens, where food storage is a necessity. You can find a wide selection of vacuum sealers at many of the top-rated stores. You could refer to product reviews and compare the products and their prices.

Troubleshooting vacuum sealer problems

Vacuum sealer appliances are fairly simple machines and most of them comprise of three main parts, namely the suction system, the sealing chamber and the sealing system. If you take proper care of your vacuum-sealing device and follow the instructions, it is highly unlikely that you will ever face any problems. However, if you do face a problem, you should first try to find out the real cause of the problem because it has been noticed in many cases that most of the problems are fairly small ones that can be solved by users themselves. It’s quite unnecessary to rush to your dealer or dial up customer care numbers, especially when the problem is a minor one and can be resolved easily. To make things easier for you, let us have a look at some of the most common problems that you might have to deal with while using your vacuum sealer device.

One of the most common problems that you might face while using your vacuum sealer appliance is the malfunctioning of the suction system. When faced with such a scenario, you might be tempted to relate the problem with the inbuilt motor, but this is a rarity especially if you are using a brand new device. In most cases, the problem occurs when more than the required length of bag or roll is inserted into the vacuuming chamber. This results in a partial or complete blockage of the suction pipe, creating the same affects as stated in the problem above. If you face such a problem, just look at the colored line at the mouth of the vacuuming chamber and ensure that the inserted length does not exceed the length determined by the line. Improper suction may also occur if there is a lot of dirt and grime between the lid and the device.

Another common problem is improper sealing and in this case also it is not the internal sealing system, which is responsible. In most cases, the problem occurs when oil or water spread to the mouth of the bag or roll. As a result, the sides of the bags or rolls do not stick properly, leading to several small holes or leakages in the package. Other minor problems may also occur if you do not insert the plugs properly or place the device on an uneven surface.

The above stated troubleshooting tips may certainly be helpful but you should not forget that they are broad generalizations and since all devices have different technical specifications, we recommend that you consult your instruction booklet before implementing any of the tips or suggestions stated above.
















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